Phenomenon: accepting my body

  In a society where all shapes and sizes are considered beautiful, I concluded that mine are not. Moreover: I’m determined to reshape myself. I welcome the wave of body acceptance. I see a positive shift in people’s attitudes towards their physique. I, myself too experienced this feeling of being at piece with the way... Continue Reading →


Dominant dynamics and dandies

It has become more difficult for me to deny the bipolarity of physical relationships. In the interest of following the metaphor of polarity: most of the time I start my expedition in the South pole and I rarely seem to find my way all the way up North. At times though, my expedition partner enjoys... Continue Reading →

Beauty fades, dumb is forever

  I caught this phrase from famous insult comic and drag queen Bianca Del Rio when she was performing as Judge Judy on the well-known Snatch Game challenge that appears every season on Rupaul's Drag Race. I've used this phrase to describe, in the comfort of my own mind, beautiful people I could not bear.... Continue Reading →

Three out of eleven

  My body, calm as the night Until the needle that is morning pierces through Until the needle that is you Breaks the tender shell in which I hide My most valuable possessions You crack my night open like an egg So you can see the sun rise So I can see the surprise In... Continue Reading →

Victorian Romance in 2017

Every stare has meaning, it seems. A slight change in the way the corners of your eyes fold, makes me feel like you are smiling at me with just your glance. I search for a kind of similar train of thought in your eyes because I attempt to vocalise my thoughts. I want to ask... Continue Reading →

Message Received, Message Read

  I find myself at times feeling ashamed for my social media use. Mostly because I just feel so much better when I am not scrolling through meaningless messages mixed up with articles of newspapers I am subscribed to. What is the point of knowing when someone has been online, whether they saw your message... Continue Reading →

Assisted Self-Pleasure

Self-satisfaction is not a new phenomenon in the twenty first century. Jerking off, flicking the bean, masturbating, bust a nut, whatever you want to call it, we have all done or at least attempted to at one point in our lives. Most of us don’t limit the relationship with ourselves to a one time kind... Continue Reading →

La petite mort

  I stand in front of you A stripped bottle of wine No age, no place of birth No knowledge of what I’m worth And then, I find myself expecting the worst Expecting to be used because I’m warm and soft And moist Weeping from a place I know you happen to desire most Struck... Continue Reading →

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